Three Steps for Working Through Anything

Christina Beauchemin and Jacky Vimislik have created what we believe is a one-of-a-kind experiential program where your participants will have the opportunity to discuss and identify the source of an unhealthy, recurring pattern they would like to overcome. (i.e., feelings of being stuck or not good enough).

The program includes three steps.


The reveal entails uncovering an emotion that is attached to an experience or event from the past. This event could have happened earlier today, last week, last year, or years ago. Through our discovery process, you will learn to look at the event and its residual emotion from a different perspective and then prepare to release it.


With clarity gained through the discovery process, you pick a word or symbol that represents the issue or behavior pattern you want to release. Then you write/draw your expression on a piece of glass, and then smash it with intention.  


Reclaim is accomplished by revisioning/rebuilding your life with the new healthier thought or behavior pattern. Typically done through a creative project, the process intends to act as a representation of creating your new way of being.

All safety gear and workshop materials are provided. All you need do is show up with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to understand a new perspective.