Let My Legacy Be Love. A Shortcut to Self-Loving

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In Let My Legacy Be Love, Christina Beauchemin shares her personal stories as an example of what is possible when we look at past experiences with curiosity, openness and a willingness to consider a different perspective. By digging in—and for the first time, taking a very honest look at the experiences that shaped her adult life—Christina found her truth.

Each chapter of this candid, touching, sometimes funny and other times heart-rending collection of true stories is followed by a series of “discoveries” uncovered through looking at the story from a different, more mature perspective.

Let My Legacy Be Love is a one-of-a-kind journey toward understanding, forgiveness,
and peace.  $18.95 USD plus shipping. 

What Marci Shimoff, New York Times Best Selling Author of Happy For No Reason Said:

In Let My Legacy Be Love, Christina Beauchemin shares her journey of discovery to overcome hurtful childhood patterns and finally find lasting happiness. The frankness of her writing is a testament to her passion for helping people transform their early life challenges so that they, too, may live a fulfilled life.

What Janet Bray-Attwood, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Passion Test Said:

Let My Legacy Be Love is filled with inspiring, relatable and authentically told stories that will touch your heart and open your mind.

What Mindy Mackenzie, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of The Courage Solution Said:

Christina’s honesty is courageous, and her beautifully written stories are relatable and universal. Let My Legacy Be Love demonstrates the triumph that can be experienced when we take a step back and look at our lives from a different perspective. A must-read.

What Others Have Said:

Christina’s unique format for this amazing book is refreshingly engaging. Her powerful insights are hard-fought and won by a soul-survivor with the heart of a lion. I devoured it! —Tonya Peterson, PhD, MBA

Just fantastic and honestly, I find it a work of not only self-discovery, but of generosity. It would have been easy for Christina to tell her story, but by taking it further to help others is just downright kind. This should be required reading. —John K.

I recently finished this inspiring book. Christina is such a gifted writer. I was impressed with the flow and appeal of her style. The content is so personal; I admire her bravery and vulnerability. This book reinforces the power of positive and negative comments, in particular, how many (5) positive comments it requires to overcome one negative comment. I highly recommend this beautifully written book. —Jean Kwiatowski

This book touched my heart on many levels. I’m sure it will help many women re-evaluate their “self-talk” and claim their truth! –Margaret Bakowski

Really, really good. I think you’re going to help a lot of people. –Christofer VanWormer

I loved it!! I especially like how the book doesn’t show Christina as a “victim”, demonstrating instead the strength of a woman on a journey of understanding, healing and peace.  Although each person has lived different lives, I feel this book offers enough examples to truly help anyone dig deeper into their own world with a new understanding of how our past guides our future. –Colleen F.

Ready, Set, Live! Empowering Strategies for an Enlightened Life

Ready, Set, Live! Empowering Strategies for an Enlightened Life
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Christina Beauchemin was honored to have her chapter Finally Fearlessly Me included in this #1 Amazon bestseller. The book is a collection of practical, life-enhancing advice penned by 22 ambassadors of change including the fresh voice of Beauchemin.  You will enjoy the fast-paced, bite-sized pieces of advice and wisdom including tools and tips for a myriad of life’s challenges. Her story was chosen for inclusion by New York Times bestselling authors, Marci Shimoff (Chicken Soup of the Woman’s Soul) and Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood (The Passion Test) who have sold more than 15 million copies of their books worldwide. 

Prepare to be both entertained and transformed by this exciting new book!  $12.99 USD plus shipping.