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If you’ve ever thought to yourself: 

“My debt is weighing me down.”

“Every time I feel like I’m getting control of my finances something unplanned comes up.”

“I don’t even know why I bought this.” 

Then you are in the right place!

This program has been designed to help you step into your power and take charge of your finances. 

The intent is not only to help you decrease your debt but also to grow your savings.

Together, we will help you identify what drives your spending habits, share examples on how to examine and take responsibility for that spending, and then provide you with the tools to break the spending cycle once and for all.

It doesn’t matter if your past experience was that you came from nothing and you feel you deserve to spend on whatever you want, or if you got whatever you wanted and now it’s hard to keep up that lifestyle, you are not alone!  With the tools and tips provided in this program, you will come to realize that you hold the power to stop the cycle. 

For fifty-nine dollars ($59 USD) you will get:

1) A printable guidebook to assist in gaining clarity.

2) Fun and enlightening daily videos to support the process.

3) A special surprise item to help keep you focused.

4) A smash session with Stress Fracture at the conclusion intended to cement your “money breakthrough” (literally!)

This unique, interactive program is not only enlightening,  it’s also fun!

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