Nature is one of our greatest teachers. Right now, the lobster is a great example. During the molting period, the lobster moves from its current state (a shell that is too small) to its desired state, (a shell that fits better making it a more comfortable place to live). The in between time must be terrifying, because without the protection of its shell, a lobster is soft and squishy with no way to defend itself. In order to survive, it must remain hidden deep under the rocks, discarded shells of other sea life, and undergrowth. It endures on calcium and hope during an indefinite period as it waits for a new shell to form. If it gets antsy deciding to leave its shelter before it’s time, it may fall prey to a hungry sea creature with a taste for fresh lobster.

In this “fifth season”—a time of vulnerability and uncertainty between its current state of the outgrown shell and its desired state of a new, better fitting shell—the lobster must wait. Luckily, it’s species has learned a lot about patience during its over 350 million years of existence. We can learn a lot from the lobster.

This is our Fifth Season

Right now, your stress levels may be through the roof. It may feel as though the world has been turned upside down. Everything that was normal a month ago has completely changed. Parents are homeschooling their children while working from home. We must all stay six feet away from anyone we don’t reside with, avoid public places and basically get used to living in a way that completely foreign to us. Let’s face it, quarantine isn’t anything you considered seeing in your lifetime.

As hard as it may be to feel optimistic right now, the truth is that on the other side of this craziness, you will find a new normal. We all will. You will be stronger, because you will have gained confidence by surviving through extremely difficult times. Like the lobster, you will have grown and changed. Once you grow and change, you cannot “ungrow.” You’ll continue to get stronger and use the lessons you learned during this time. What an incredible opportunity!

Introducing …

As for me, I’ve been using my time in quarantine to finally start my podcast. I settled on calling it Miracles in Everyday Moments. While I’m waiting for approval from the podcast platforms, I decided to share an episode here. This one is a story that didn’t make it into my book, Let My Legacy Be Love, because it didn’t feel right for that project. With all the craziness playing out around us, I’m glad I saved it, since it seems appropriate for this “fifth season.” There are other episodes on my website that range between fifteen and twenty minutes long.

Until I build an audience for the podcast, I’m recounting stories of my own everyday miracles, but it is my desire to interview people who have uplifting stories to share. If you have a miracle moment that you would like to pitch me, please email me at [email protected]. I’m interested in all stories, so please be sure to include a synopsis as well as the best way for me to reach you. I’m excited about this! I hope to hear from you!