It’s Time For Your Breakthrough!

Are you feeling stuck or frustrated? Are you struggling in a relationship with others or worse–with yourself? In these one-on-one breakthrough sessions, you will work with author and certified neuro-linguistics programming practitioner (NLP), Christina Beauchemin, who will walk you through the three steps for working through anything. With the understanding gained through the process, you will have a heart full of understanding, which will put you firmly on a path to living your best life.

Your complimentary introductory session will give you an idea of how the program can help you. Further sessions are on an ability-to-pay basis. For scheduling, please email [email protected]

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Professional Keynote presentations

Each presentation will be crafted to speak to your audience on the topic of uncovering and healing the effects of ACEs. Through understanding and compassion, we strive to eradicate the ACE labels and assist victims in unleashing their unique potential.

Contact [email protected] for available dates and pricing.