The popularity of neuro-linguistics programming (NLP) has become widespread since it was first gathered into a body of ideas by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s. At the time, it was a new concept to identify the thought and behavior patterns of successful individuals and teach them to others. Since then, the success of NLP has been widespread and lifechanging.

We use NLP concepts extensively in our programs to improve workplace performance and personal happiness.


  • Hour long learning sessions.
  • Tools and concepts that when integrated into your daily routine can literally
    change your life. (They changed mine!)
  • Weekly emails and videos to keep you on track.

Jumpstart to a Happier Me!

This introductory starter program is fun and effective way to begin learning to notice your thoughts. Jumpstart to a Happier Me is a 21-Day challenge that includes:

  • 21-Day Jumpstart guidebook
  • Meditations
  • Daily affirmations
  • Videos

I Love My Life Challenge

I Love My Life Challenge is a more in-depth course that gets into complex ideas and
concepts. It is intended to assist you in understanding and implementing major changes in your life. This self-guided program includes:

  • Extensive guidebook
  • Meditations
  • Worksheets
  • Videos

I Love My Life Challenge Plus

I Love My Life Challenge Plus includes everything above plus four bonus one-on-one coaching sessions with Christina Beauchemin. Bring your questions and get ready to love your life.

A Clearer Vision

Visioning is a foundational piece in building a life you love. This program is intended to help you clarify what you want and then bring it into your life step by step. Using our unique tools, you will get clear on how to get what you want and then keep it. What you’ll receive:

  • Visioning Guidebook
  • Canvas
  • Magazines
  • Meditation
  • Group participation

STEP INTO FEARLESS – A Giant Leap Forward

This one-month intensive program will catapult you into your quantum reality right NOW. You may not think you’re ready, but you have everything you need. There is no better time than the PRESENT to bring your special genius into reality. Get ready! You are about to STEP INTO FEARLESS! The program includes:

  • 4-One-hour individual coaching sessions
  • Mind-opening meditations
  • Thought-provoking and mind-expanding reading materials
  • Tools to break through personal obstacles